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How to Earn with our innovative system

Getting started and earning an income (Part time or full time) with our system is easy! We have built a solid foundation for you to earn through multiple streams of income on a regular basis.


Paid to Data Entry

Get paid for doing various data entry work which is one of the quickest our most featured jobs with our system. Just go to the "Start Earning" page and click on the "Get Paid to do Data Entry" members link, then from there select what kind of work you wish to do for the session, Data Entry checkbox will put you in a work queue for just that work, though you can also select other categories if available. You have limited time before the work expires to make sure you are still there, you can easily click the button on that page to enter the queue again for more work.


Paid to Transcribe

Get paid for typing out what audio you hear. Same as our data entry, just go to the "Start Earning" page and click on the "Get Paid to do Data Entry" members link, then from there select what kind of work you wish to do for the session, by checking the Audio Transcription checkbox, you'll be queued up for that work. Finish before the timer expires your work and you'll be given the next work immediately if there is some available


Paid to View Websites

Get paid for viewing our advertisers website's is one of the easiest and most common way's to earn with our system. You simply log into your members back office, and click on the "How to Earn" members link, then from here click on the "Get Paid To Click" blue link. Here you will be able to view and click on the available "Paid to Click" links in our system. These links are updated daily, so check back often for more chances to earn!


Paid to Refer Others

Get paid to refer friends, family and others. When someone signs up through your personalized "Referral URL", that person will be placed in your "Downline" or rather, "Organization". Whatever you call it, it simply means a group of people you have referred. When you refer someone new, and they perform one or more "Paid Tasks", you will get paid a percentage from their efforts! It's our little way of saying, Thanks for sharing our system with others!

It's easy to get started earning, simply click the button below!

Low Minimum Withdraw Just 70,000 Satoshi
No Withdraw Fees Ever
10% Withdraw Bonus To Partner Sites
Audio Transcription Pays 40-50 Satoshi
Image Transcription Pays 30-40 Satoshi
Paid To Click Pays 50-200 Satoshi
Tier 1 Referrals 20% Earnings
Tier 2 Referrals 5% Earnings
Tier 3 Referrals 3% Earnings
Tier 4 Referrals 1% Earnings
Tier 5 Referrals 1% Earnings



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1,000 PTC Credits + 10,000 468x60 Banner Credits 300,000 Satoshi [Bitcoin]
  •  1000 PTC Credits (300,000 Satoshi [Bitcoin] Value)
  •  10000 Banner Credits (468x60) (100,000 Satoshi [Bitcoin] Value)


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